Hair Straightners

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    • Controls speed in 2 or 3 ways
    • Body of soft-touch rubberized
    • Protection from Overheat
    • Heating hoop is comfortable
    • Contain button of cool shat
    • 1 year of manufacturing warranty
    • Quick heat head

    This electronic device is used to dry hair and style hair. It is compact and easy to handle. Lightweight for using comfortably. It consists of electric heating coils and a fan. It also has 2 flexible speed settings. Protects thermostat temperature setting, to protect it from overheating. It provides perfectly dry, silky hair without affecting hair.

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    • Ceramic plate
    • Contain 1.6 M power code
    • Have PTC heater
    • Use to Straight and Style hair.
    • Plates are smoother and large, large plates are useful for long and thick hair and to minimise damage.
    • Protection from overheat
    • Easy to handle
    • Have 200 Celsius professional temperature
    • 1 year Warranty from the date you purchase

    Have a lovely and attractive look by straightening your hair using this straightener. It will give you a straight hair without affecting it. It can be utilized for any kinds of hair.

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