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      • offer contains – 1 unit of aroma diffuser matki shape decorative lantern as shown in image.
      • Inside the box – 1 matki shape lantern, 10 ml aroma oil, pre-fitted bulb and diffuser bowl stand.
      • Height of the lantern approx 12 inches/30 cms/ 1 ft.

      How to use:

      Place the aroma lantern at desired space. It can be hanged also with the help of  a twine, macramé or a bracket. The lantern comes with pre-fitted bulb and the diffuser stand should be set above the bulb. Place the diffuser bowl above stand and pour few drops of aroma oil. Add few drops of water to volumize and dilute the oil. Do not fill the bowl up to brim, keep it half full only. Addition of water into aroma oil helps in restoring the aroma within the given space for longer duration and the fragrance gets diffused evenly. Now light up the lantern and dim the other lights of the space. This would let the engraved patterns/designs to broadcast into beautiful shadows.


      While placing the diffuser stand and bowl over the bulb, please take ample care to avoid any sprint of water/oil over the bulb as it would damage the bulb.

      Significance of aroma lantern

      The proposition to use the aroma lantern is to soothe mind and soul. The diffused fragrance into the ambience makes it comforting and the shadowy magnified patterns due to enlightening, beautify the overall appearance of your desired surrounding making it thus your perfect sanctum sanctorum. As per Vaastu shastra and Feng shui, the aroma lanterns help in cleansing of aura of spaces. These lanterns are best to be kept in South or South West direction.

      This elegant handcrafted piece of art is also a good option for gifting to your loved ones.

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