SPHINX Artificial Marigold Fluffy Flowers Garlands Door Toran Set/Door Hangings for Decoration (Approx. 100 X 152 cms)

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             “MAKE IN INDIA”
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A completely handmade, ethnic and traditional product by SPHINX for decoration. Each set is made up of around 126 flowers. 7 Key chain rings are available at all hanging parts that makes it easy to put the toran up for decoration.


About door toran

marigold genda golden bells door decoration

There are 5 pieces in single set- 2 siders, 2 double line loops and 1 center piece. The main proposition behind beautifying the homes is to delight and attract the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. These torans are the first thing that welcomes guests.

Color variations available to fulfil all sorts of themes and decor requirements

sphinx artificial marigold fluffy flowers door toran yellow and red color genda

rani dark pink pom pom genda real looking marigold door and windows decorations mandap decorations

light orange and red door toran fluffy marigold real looking genda sphinx

sphinx light and dark orange mango and orange door hangings

Yellow & Red

Made in India and made up of Recycled plastic and fibers. A completely handmade product.

The bells are for decor purpose only, these do not ring.

Dark Pink-Rani

Product dimension –

  • Top to bottom – Approx 152 cms/60 Inches/5 ft
  • Left to Right – 100 cms/40 Inches/3.33 Ft The polycotton thread used provides strength to the whole garlands and thus the toran is durable and re-usable.

Light Orange & Red

To cover wide wall,entrance gate or stage wall, the product can be put in multiple quantities thereby getting floral curtain look.

Light & Dark Orange

For convenient logistics transition, the flowers would be compressed to protect the product and the shape is regained easily when the user would like to use.

Traditional Colors of marigolds enhances aesthetics of main entrances

light orange mango color natural color of genda marigold artificial wedding decor flowers

natural colored artificial marigold genda sphinx yellow genda door toran

orange genda sphinx marigold flowers door toran

Light Orange

To get the flowers blossom/fluff up, simply put and pass the garlands through your palms gently. Once bloomed, it will remain full bloomed until the user repacks it or compress it.


The product is useful throughout the year. It is best to be used during festivals, griha-pravesham, spiritual decors, weddings, receptions, inaugurations, cultural events, hotel decorations, shooting etc.

Dark Orange

Care instructions:

  • It doesn’t require any specific handling. Just dust off occasionally with any dry fibre cloth.
  • Keep away from fire, electric sockets etc.
tips to decorate with artificial flower and door hangings welcome guests entrance decor
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